About Cooper Reynolds Gross

Los Angeles-born artist, designer, and furniture maker Cooper Reynolds Gross is known for his boundary-pushing use of generally disparate materials in his bespoke work. Cooper has spent over a decade expanding and honing his aesthetic voice and technical craft while working with a broad range of designers from around the world.

With an approach focused on the quality and scope of material used rather than over designed maximalism, Cooper tends to create dominant yet refined and simplified works which he refers to as "brutal minimalism".

Cooper Reynolds Gross is an artist-led luxury furniture studio in Los Angeles, uniquely capable of designing and crafting pieces utilizing the world's finest materials.
Located in Los Angeles, Cooper Reynolds Gross studio consists of an ever-evolving oeuvre of furnishings that are handcrafted by a team of skilled artists, each bringing a unique perspective to their craft.
Each piece becomes an integral part of a home's story through a thoughtful selection of materials that get better with age and use. The studio translates timeless shapes through their own unique lens, embracing tradition, yet pushing boundaries to create pieces that stand alone as works of art. Each piece is hand-finished and assembled in our Los Angeles studio.
With over a decade of experience working alongside the world's most sophisticated interior designers and architects, Cooper Reynolds Gross has developed a specific and unique artistic voice, positioning the studio as one of the nation's premier bespoke furniture studios.